Traditional classic wainscoting generally installed from 36 to 42 inches in height on the walls from floor to chair rail. Our classic wainscoting provides elegance as well as protects your walls which are much more durable than drywall or plaster. Being installed on the lower half of the wall, it also serves to protect your walls from damage. The hard woods used to construct the wainscoting stand up to wear and tear much better than drywall alone.

Usually classic wainscoting is painted white but our modern installations can match varieties of colors to the wall. Our custom-installed classic wainscoting can be combined with various paneling and chair rails to create custom styles that will surely suitable with your budget. If you need some help with your design, our team of experts is always available to assist. We provide accurate measurements, precise cutting and perfect installation of wainscoting decorations. You can use the rich look of classic wainscoting as a decorative element to dramatically transform of any room at your home.

With creative design patterns, classic wainscotings can be designed from chair rail to baseboard to archive a modern look in interior decorations that gives the walls a new patterned look. Our team of professionals will provide you detailed drawings and design ideas to simplify your home renovation projects at most suitable cost. No matter the size of your room or bathroom or the style of your home, we can customize the design of wainscoting to fit your space perfectly.

Classic wainscoting provide rich solid and classic look to your home interior. Our installed wainscoting can be combined with other paneling, chair rails and stiles to create affordable installation in various architectural styles. It can be installed at any height based on your requirements. Our team of experts will assist you to choose the perfect style that can surely provide gorgeous appearance for your interior design. It can be easily installed with any room of your home. Our classic wainscoting turns an ordinary space into everyone’s favorite room in the house.