Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the warranty last?

Warranty for all our products are 1 year and details are specified here.

What materials will be used for my project?

Choosing the materials depends on budget and application. Materials and Finishes are explained here.

Do products come painted/primed/finished?

Cabinetry usually comes finished. Some materials come primed. Most customized millwork comes without primer unless ordered and require painting on-site.

What about Refunds?

Custom made products can not be refunded and all sales are final. Verify products’ drawings and specs before making a final order. Stock items may be refunded but shipping and handling and restocking fee will apply.


All drawings are stored on an online secured server and last revision is available at any time with private and public links.

Is painting/Finishing included?

Most cabinetry products have finishing included, and most millwork products are sold without finishing. Simple paining can be done separately by painters the client chooses, or from our list of painters that worked with us before. However most of the time all products that are supplied without paint are “ready for paint”, meaning that there are no imperfections visible.


If service is required during warranty period, its free of charge. If at any other time or for any other reason except warranty service is needed, we can arrange a service person within reasonable time frame. Usually it costs $50 per hour of work, and $150 for 1st hour.

Is there anything our specification writer must do differently when using your materials on a project that is applying for LEED certification?

Certain materials are made from different formulations or are fabricated differently to meet particular LEED or technical requirements. Whether a project is applying for LEED certification, any specific or nice-to-have requirements should be communicated in the specification so that Accent Haus (and other bidder) can at the time of quotation take into account specific requirements.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. But If possible we want to review pictures first before going to a location of work.