Traditional waffle ceilings add dimension and character to any room. It takes the element of the room that seldom gets attention during the design and gives it an upscale treatment. It provides a classy, upscale feel to any room.

Waffle ceilings can be designed in a number of ways to match any existing or desired aesthetics, though they are traditionally installed with mouldings to provide a more refined and classier look. This, however, doesn’t prevent waffle ceilings from being used in a more modern design. They have a very flexible element that can easily be dressed up or down to match any design. The type of wood that is chosen, the color of the paint or stain, the size of the beam and the style of mouldings used greatly impact the overall look.

Classic waffle ceilings usually have dimensions ranging from 3″ to 12″ depending on the height of the ceiling. Taller ceilings require deeper beams to provide the same dramatic effect; however, beams can be made to practically any size to match the design plan.

Waffle ceilings are affordable on nearly any budget and can be installed in any home with a beam or wood ceiling decoration. A ceiling made entirely of rich hardwood will have a higher cost than the one constructed with drywall and a more common wood. Our design team can assist to find the best option to fit your design and your budget.

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